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Mitch Mankosa
Executive Partner

Mitch joined Salt Creek Capital as an Executive Partner in 2018. He brings 30 years of strategic, sales, operations, engineering, P&L, and finance experience.

Prior to joining Salt Creek Capital, Mitch served in a variety of capacities.  Most recently he was the Vice President of Commercial Operations for ILC Dover, where EBITDA at bulk packaging division Grayling grew from $1.5MM to over $4MM during his tenure.  Prior to that he was the COO of Clondalkin Flexible Packaging in Europe while at the same time serving as General Manager for a large portion of the business.  For the 7 years prior to that he was the COO of Pretium Packaging.  Mitch is a well rounded executive with a track record of improving the bottom line performance of a variety of businesses.

Mitch received a BS from The United States Military Academy at West Point, NY and an MBA from Boston University.

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